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Who Are We

Jerky Your Way is run by a husband (Jeremi) and wife (Brittanie) duo with one goal in mind... To provide our customers with the freshest, highest quality, custom made  beef jerky. Jeremi is no stranger to making beef jerky either; his friends have long enjoyed his home made treats! Jerky Your Way all started because a friend jokingly said "you could sell this" after nabbing a piece of some recently finished jerky. And so Jeremi ran with it! We wanted to do things differently though. So in addition to our selection of original flavors, we offer the world's first Customize Your Own beef jerky!

Brittanie and Jeremi attend local festivals and fairs, promoting Jerky Your Way, and supporting their local community. Other than JYW, Jeremi works in the IT field, and Brittanie in the medical field as a nurse. Even through her tiring schedule, Brittanie continues to support Jeremi's ventures! Jerky Your Way thanks you for checking us out! 

-- The Jerky Your Way Team

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